The North Face - Apex Flex Rain

A mission to visualize the relationship between harsh outdoor elements and the strength and durability of the jacket. The linear narrative is disrupted by glitches that convey the contrast between water and technology, suggesting a message of unplugging and getting outside.

The perfect storm is no match for the Apex Flex, The North Face’s latest addition to their line of outdoor gear. Director Paul Mitchell of Mill+ teamed up with Sid Lee to create ‘Apex Flex Rain’, which features the form of the jacket reimagined using CG rain and water elements. 

My Role: Senior Designer and Animator


Production: Mill+ VFX & Design: The Mill
Creative Director: Paul Mitchell
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Producer: Marcus Speaker, Antonio Hardy
Head of Production, Mill+: Elizabeth Newman
Line Producer: Richard Berman
Art Director: Sasha Vinogradova
Design and Animation: Vinicius Naldi, Ren Chen
Editor: Jason Webb
Edit Assist: Natalie Wozniak
Production Coordinator: Daniel Beldy
Shoot Supervisor: Robin McGloin
2D Lead Artists: Adam Lambert, Robin McGloin, Peter Sidoriak
2D Artists: Jake Albers, Ashley Forbito, Kelsey Napier
3D Lead Artist: Peter Claes
3D Artists: Josh Hatton, Jae Jun Yi, Sophie Pince, Nema Safvati, Daniel Soo, Charles Storniolo