NFL - Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is an interactive competition in which users compete against each other as general managers of virtual teams built from real players. Drafting, trading, adding or dropping players, and changing rosters. Modern set background - with more stylized lighting. Panels with analytical statistics extract and expand revealing data about key players. Environment is dramatic and has built in depth with transparency in panels to show sophistication.

The NFL Shield color is used as the thread to hold the information in the environment. The set and environment is clean and bright but sophisticated. Elements / stats are driven in an interactive environment from an online source similar to a blog or social media component. 

My Role: Senior Designer


VFX & Design: Prologue Films
Production: Prologue
Creative Direction: Monica Perez
3D: Yongsub Song, Giovanni Bucci, Tim Devlin
Design: Vinicius Naldi, Jeffrey Cheng