A documentary series that provides viewers with an honest look to the once thriving Flint, Michigan. Here we see the city in all of its crumbled glory and the people who refuse to leave, the ones who refuse to give up on their beloved city.

Here, we capture moments in time in breathing cinemographs that move with subtle motion and appear hyperreal. In carefully curated images, we crop to specific areas in order to create compositions that are evocative and engaging. Glimpses of Flint, frozen in time with brief pops of movement provide the viewer with a more detailed look into everyday life. 

Our direction explore different ways to enter into the world of Flint and fully immerse the viewer in what life is really like for its inhabitants. We wanted to help viewers understand the context and bigger picture, that FT is not a “Cop Show,” it’s a series about people and their stories.

It’s going to show the harsh reality of what Flint has become and how the events of its past have a ected the way the Police Department must now interact its people. The goal within these title sequence is to shed light on these factors of influence and open a door into this world.