Infiniti - Manifesto

Mill+ Design team helped bring to life breathtaking scenery and meticulously-crafted digital elements throughout the film, relaying the beauty of the brand and its message through moving image.

Additionally, VFX artists at The Mill created an array of unique articles including abstract, geometric light projections, a fully CG car tunnel and a custom automobile x-ray.

My Role: Senior Designer


Production: Mill+

Director: Randall Stevens
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Post Producer: Jordan Sharon
Live Action Producer: Richard Berman

Editing Company: Spot Welders, Inc.
Executive Producer: Carolina Sanborn
Senior Producer: Christie Price
Assistant Producer: Jessica Davis
Editor: Michael Heldman
Edit Assist: Ramon DeSouza

VFX & Design: The Mill 
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Head of Production, Mill+: Elizabeth Newman
Producer: Marcus Speaker
Production Coordinator: Daniel Beldy
VFX Supervisor: Steve Cokonis, Andrew Proctor
Shoot Supervisor: Andrew Proctor, Steve Cokonis
Creative Director: Andrew Proctor
2D Lead Artist: Steve Cokonis
Art Director: Renato Marques 
2D Artists: Don Kim
3D Artists: Justin Sucara, Adam Levine, Bora Jurisic
Matte Painting: Itai Muller
Designers: Helen Hsu, Vinicius Naldi, Hyejung Bae, Sasha Vinogradova, Patrick Kipper