FX - Snowfall


Each of the frames has either doors or windows that represent milestones in the character’s lives over the course of the show. This direction showcases the diversity of elements and influences of each of the main characters since they come from different backgrounds and neighborhoods. Each frame features a carefully curated art-direction and corresponding typographic structure to hone in on unique moments of the story. 

For example, Franklin is represented by a shot of the interior of a house with a colorful hallway to mirror what is happening in his life. Teddy McDonald is represented by the brooding, CIA-type office with dark silhouettes behind frosted glass. 

Here we also play with perspective, turning some scenes upside down to truly feel the sensation of losing your ground. In the street scene with cars passing by, we will shoot upside down and play the spot in reverse to heighten the disorientation and speak to Frank’s choices that are leading him in the wrong direction.